Doors to Exotic Destinations Will Open With An Online TEFL Course

TEFL, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, holds its value and will continue to do so in the future. As English continues to gain importance throughout the world, the non- English speaking nations are realising the importance of the language and are showing keen interest in the English language which in turn is garnering demand for TEFL qualified teachers who can help and improve their English communication skills. Similarly TESOL (also known as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualified teachers are in equal demand. In practical terms, when these terms are applied to the field of teaching English abroad, there is very little or no difference between ‘TEFL’ and ‘TESOL’. They are both acronyms that mean the same thing. That is, teaching the English language to non-native speakers. Similarly, in the vast majority cases, when it comes to teaching English abroad, a ‘TEFL’ and a ‘TESOL’ certification are the same and the terms are interchangeable. When looking forward to get TEFL qualified, one needs to search for a program that offers online teaching time. That way, one can be sure of what they are doing before stepping foot in a classroom. Teaching English abroad is as much a career for retired persons or people who are looking for a change in their job; it also attracts people who have a taste for travelling and earning at the same time.

An online TEFL course can pave a great way to travel the world and the travels are funded by teaching English overseas. If one wants to spend a long time in an exotic destination, teaching English can be an option to consider for overseas travelers who are looking forward to earn and reside outside of their home countries. English teaching offers individuals the chance to travel to exotic locations, learn a new culture, and provides the chance to earn. To teach English as a foreign language, schools and colleges requires TEFL or TESOL certified teachers who have received proper training. One does not need a degree in education, a college degree or prior teaching experience to teach English in a foreign locale. A professional level training is what one requires and institutions abroad are looking for the same.

Nowadays, with the advancements in technology, one does not need to go to regular classes or travel to far and wide to fetch the degree. One can take online classes which makes it easy for an individual to complete the course in its due time. Students can enroll for online classes which are accredited by recognized organizations. It is a notable factor that there is no single overarching accreditation body for TEFL. In the online mode, the study materials are divided into modules where students take one or multiple tests per module. Support for the course is handled by tutors, who are available over email and chat. The student is granted a certificate after successfully finishing the last module. It comes in a digital form or can be shipped to the student’s address. Getting such a certificate can prove beneficial when the student will get his/ her pay- cheque or teach English in a foreign country.

In most other fields, the pay depends greatly on education, training, experience, seniority, and expertise. TEFL qualified teachers who wish to earn a good wage often targets countries like China, South Korea and Japan where the demand is high. A certificate in TEFL will not only provide the candidate with a global career but open new arenas when it comes to teaching English abroad as a TEFL teacher. Middle East is an extremely diverse region and has a great demand. Gulf countries are showing great promise as they are keen to hire professionally trained TEFL teachers and trainers for numerous jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc. A good opportunity for certified TEFL teachers is available in Asia Pacific region. The Asian countries show some serious approach while hiring teachers. Thailand has become a popular destination with their rising demand for TEFL certified teachers. There are huge vacancies for teachers in China and adequate jobs in Malaysia, Cambodia and Taiwan as well for TEFL professionals. In this age of globalization, Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and Vietnam are aware of the need of English language for their expansion in the corporate world and building a bridge with global market. Hence great opportunities are waiting in these countries as well.

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