Ode to the Refugees Resilience

If Refugees were one nation, the size of the global refugees or people forcefully displaced around the world, would be slightly larger than the United Kingdom(65 millions) or slightly smaller than France(66 million people).

Imagine for minute the shock of having the whole of U.K. Or France being forced to leave their beautiful countries, wondering in some desert or Siberia to find a new home. That would make a global crisis of epic proportions, certainly accompanied with a humanitarian response proportional to the crisis.

Now imagine the current global refugee crisis, same size of population, but different by virtue of where they come from: Syria, Somalia, South Sudan, Burundi, D.R Congo, Central African Republic….and the world reacts completely differently than the first category. According to the universal human rights principles, refugees from the North/South/East/West should be treated equally.

So, on this #WorldRefugeeDay, let’s remember that all refugees are people like you and me and treat them accordingly.

Happy World Refugees Day to all the fugees out there!


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