How can a data analyst earn ~ $3500 ( INR 235,000) in 12 days in April 2016?

Manish Saraswat
Apr 5, 2016 · 2 min read

Disclaimer: I want to let my fellow friends know that this is a genuine analytics community effort to let people learn and become confident. Earning this cash prize requires analytics knowledge.

Every person aspires to work hard, learn more, become better to earn lots of money and lead a comfortable life. As a result, every year people apply for graduation or MS courses from top ranked colleges of the world. But, what about the rest? Not everyone gets lucky enough to get into such colleges.

Do they get enough opportunities to show that they are no less than anyone in the world ? For example: I missed out on selection in top ranked colleges, yet I have made the most out of small opportunities which I got and I am happy.

Work life in analytics is a slow thing. One starts with an intensified enthusiasm and over the years loses the cheer and excitement. Here comes the terrific FUN thing!

What if I say that you can earn INR 235,000 (~$3500) in 12 days, that too sitting back at home at your own convenience? Can you believe that?

Yes, it is true. Grab this opportunity and participate in AV Data Fest 2016, a community driven initiative. To know more:

Enter Here

Analytics Festival

Who can truly WIN ?

  1. One who knows analytics
  2. One who has logical mindset and is good with numbers
  3. One who knows machine learning and predictive modeling !

It’s just a matter of 12 days in April. And, if you think you can’t do it, remember “Don’t let ever anyone tell you that you can’t WIN this thing? Not even yourself. You can WIN, if you try today!

AV Data Fest 2016
Manish Saraswat

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Self Learned Data Science Guy | Only Books | Highly Curious | Loves Writing | Codes in R |

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