What were the best things you learned on your first job?

I can tell you a few!!

Befriend everybody. Trust nobody. Competition is a bitch!

Be herd or be heard. Unless you voice out, nobody will know you exist!

Manners are louder than talents, people skills are more instrumental than your degree. If you don’t posses the former, the latter might not be able to showcase itself!

When you are not working, you are sleeping. When you are working you are not sleeping. Its a vicious cycle. Take good care of your health!

Alone you are a spark, together we are fire. But remember rule 1 !

You will be in multiple jobs, but only in one life. Don’t let the people for whom you earn take a backseat.

Taxes suck! A part of your hard earned money will sponsor politicians their “Pan Parag” which they would spit on the streets and only a while later, shamelessly join Mr. Modi on the “swach bharath” campaign!

Be task oriented, not result oriented. This attitude will take you to places! Success will follow you like that Vodafone pug!

Meetings are practical alternatives to working!:D Eat Donuts, point with a stick, show charts, feel important. That too in company time!

If you don’t fit, don’t force. You will break anyways. Be it work culture, ethics etc.

A dime will become a million: Thumb rule: first experience matters more than first salary.

Love your job, not your colleague. Almost all of them don’t end with a Christmas jingle.

Make value out of everything: Add value to whatever you do. This way you will become important and reliable.

Life is unfair, so will your performance reviews be: In most organizations your boss’ favorite will have the upper hand, unless your performance creates a lot of noise. Make his life easy, he will make yours.

Weekends are life savers. Enough said :D