My Game Plan For a Successful 2020

Nick Mann
Nick Mann
Feb 2 · 4 min read

We’re done with the first month of the new year and this is the time where New Years Resolutions start faltering if not already out the window by now. That’s why I didn’t write this until now. To know for sure my plans actually do hold water for myself. I’m always sharing this because these are words that a lot of others need to read too, especially business owners who want to build something sustainable and to be proud of.

1. Build More and Better Relationships

As society progressive forward, the more who you know overcomes what you know. You probably know that person who makes you wonder ‘how exactly got that position’ or ‘how did that person get that many views/followers/whatever vanity metric’.

When everyone is going for that dream job, that dream business, that whatever it is you want to do, there needs to be a way to cut through the noise somehow.

There’s so much to give and receive than working in a vacuum. Validate new ideas, see things from another angle, or gain something that would otherwise impossible by yourself.

I’m writing this and without having an audience, not of this really feels like it matters (even though I personally disagree because I actually write for myself as a form of therapy and reaffirming what I know). It makes my work feel worth it. When someone listens to my podcast, or buys my print, or shares my design work in their advertisement. I know a made a difference and you need to have relationships for any of that to happen.

It’s a huge key for financial success that no business guru likes to talk about. I get it, it’s easy to say on paper but super unrealistic to give a simple solution when a huge amount of success can be from a seemingly arbitrary connection. That’s why It’s easy to fall into a cynical envious rage at all the opportunities others are being bestowed on just because they happened to meet X at the right time. I’m guilty of that as well when I’m always comparing myself to the competition.

2. Telling Stories

Everyone loves a good story but why? it's memorable, it’s engaging, and keeps people wanting more. We are the hero of our own story. This is why people naturally love to hear a good story.

It’s the best way to get anything you want to be heard. It’s been since the dawn of time that storytelling has always been the strongest form of communication. we can even break this down:

The audiences are the protagonist of the story and every and anything centers around them and their journey. This means when you’re writing and are to them, it has to be exactly what they care about. (A super-secret thing that you can also find out what they want is by asking them)

They are their problems as they go through their day. Can’t find the car keys, can’t find a good backpack that holds everything they need for camping, that tool that will allow them to use social media easier, etc.

This is where you coming in, being the Yoda to their Skywalker. The guide to their solution. What you’re offering either solves a pain problem or elevates a better version of themself. The solution is whatever is you offer and becomes a happy ending where everyone wins.

3. Email Marketing

A big reason why I love this marketing channel is that it encompasses the previous 2 sections so well together. Not to mention it’s pretty budget-friendly.

Not only all that but people like to see what you’re putting in their inbox. Wether promotional, sharing something cool, telling a joke, if they don’t imminently unsubscribe chances are it’ll be well-received (granted you still have to make effort in creating content)

The biggest reason people unsubscribe actually isn’t irrelevancy, it’s from frequency. This can be avoided by having more value in each email to be sent less. In other words, quality over quantity.

This is the platform next to social media where you can have a conversation directly with your audience, build a relationship while also being able to tell great stories.

Need help with email marketing into making your best year I’ll be happy to help at

Nick Mann

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Nick Mann

Freelance Web/Graphic Designer & Founder of TyypoPrints, Motivational Art Prints for Your Home & Office. @MannDesigner

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