For years I have contemplated posting my thoughts/ideas in a blog format for the internet world to see. Would it be worth my time? How long does it take to generate revenue from a blog? How do I create a following? Can I be good enough to make this a career? You see NONE of the aforementioned questions matter at all. It’s not about how helping other people will ultimately help me. That line of thinking is selfish because at the end of the day it’s not about people and helping them it’s really about trying to help you. This thing we call life is bigger than most people are willing to deep down believe. People always made me feel a way that a dollar bill never did. It’s not about money. We can’t eat money. Its about helping people enjoy their passing time in life. Helping another human being is priceless. I will lose my life to improve the life of a stranger I don’t know. That’s how much people matter to me because I fully understand without people life is nonexistent for human beings. We can’t live alone. We are an interconnected species. It would be selfish of me to look at someone who may have anxiety or depression and tell them I can help you for a fee when I deep down KNOW everything I can do to help them is free. You see I CARE about the well being of humanity. I am fully aware that humanity is forever linked in this eternal moment of time. Past generations lay ground work for future ones. I’m in the business of helping people and that business generally pays very little to nothing. No matter what I make I will live until I can’t breathe anymore. I stopped worrying about how much money I made this week and began to ask myself how many people did you help today? Some people make thousands of dollars a day. That’s awesome. I could also careless. My goal is to post content that can help change and inspire someone else’s life. I need nothing in return. I simply need to be at peace with the fact that I TRIED to make some kind of a difference in the best way that I could see fit during my lifetime. Whether I succeed or fail is a moot point for me. Never ever feel as though you need a reason to help somebody. Truth be told we all have been helped for no reason plenty of times before.

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