Nothing will EVER replace reading as the key to information in human beings. We humans need to gain an understanding through written word because of how visual life seems to the naked eye. The abstraction of black ink wording on paper is powerful for the mind. It makes the information stick. You retain more information from what you read compared to what you see and hear. Whenever you have to read to gain an understanding of something you are doing something right. Reading is exercise for the mind. A library is essentially the weight room for consciousness. You mentally complete a ton of heavy lifting by every turn of the page. If you knew that intelligence is a huge factor in accumulation of wealth your mind wouldn’t dare allow you to miss a day at the consciousness gym. Reading introduces new material you may never have been exposed to. Reading reinforces any material you may have already been exposed to. Now it is true without a shadow of a doubt that a picture says a thousand words, but let us not forget that a thousand words can create a very vivid picture as well. Reading is fundamental. Reading is just simply fun for the mental.

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