What is a life worth living?

Rich people commit suicide and poor people never care to think what is in their bank account. We all give time we never get back for money that is perpetually recycled in our economic system. I sometimes just sit and think what is a life worth living? We all want money and a family yet 1 in every 2 newly married couples will divorce. Do you know how much time goes in to deciding you found the one just to quickly realize after the wedding maybe you didn’t? Yeah you can divorce but if the marriage was 5 years in duration and your 31 at the time of divorce you won’t be able to go back 5 years ago and do what you did to get married with someone else who you know you won’t divorce. We can never go back on a bad decision but we can always look at that bad decision and vow to make a different one next time if a similar situation arises. You see we always focus on what’s next not understanding what’s next is actually what’s now at any given point in time. We always look ahead and forget to realize that the past is literally a present moment that we are far removed from. So if the past is forever a present moment why do we so easily disregard it? Life is all encompassing. Every moment is one of value. If you were to realize how precious these moments in life are that we can never relive or get back you would have a greater appreciation for life itself and you would then see things for what they really are and proceed to act accordingly. It’s only when we make this life something it was never intended to be that we find difficulty and struggle. With our society today money is necessary but we do so much in society ‘just for the money’. Every action we take ultimately leads us one step closer to our demise which is simply reality. The time we spend alive is minuscule in the grand scheme of things but it is so valuable. When we are nearing our life’s end we can lay down with one of our last few thoughts boiling down to either one of these: we go out remembering the life we created and the moments that filled it, or we can die comfortably knowing we ALWAYS made sure we kept our wallet full. I’m not here to say that loving money is bad, but I will say that I personally will never aim to be the richest man in the cemetery.

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