Dean — Mantar Bhandal BCIT Radio

Legend tells of a creature who roams this Earth.

This creature, or a man in common terms, is not an ordinary physical being; instead one that possesses mystical powers. It has been said the creature prefers to take a human form, and does not like to differentiate itself from the others. However, due to its immense aura it emits, it’s not difficult to differentiate it from the rest.

What sets this man apart? He goes by an average typical name, Dean, and has a good last name, Van Tassel. Based on the information about him, it seems he’s just your average person.

This all changes with the physical looks.

This is where he stands apart.

An angel-like face, with beautiful brown eyes and a defined jaw-line, Dean has the looks to charm an audience without even saying a word. He emits a powerful stigma that sweeps up all of his female counterparts and charm them.

He moves with grace, every move smoother than smooth peanut butter. His dark-brown hair, lavishing as it flows in the wind. Every step he takes it seems is met with a nod of approval by the ground, longing for it to be stepped on by him. It seems as if he is levitating.

But then, the voice.

A deep grumble that you can feel resonating in your chest. So soothing, calm and relaxing. The range it possesses, from the deepest depths of his diaphragm to the peaks of his cranium wows and amazes the ladies with exacting precision.

This legend is real.

This man walks among us, and fits right in with us mortals. He chooses to be low-key, but it is an impossible endeavour as each and every single thing he does, be it voluntary or involuntary, is pure.

This man is Dean Van Tassel.