Revolution Approach To Losing Bodyfat by INCREASING CALORIES

In Cliff Sheat’s Lean Bodies you learn how to eat to lose bodyfat. There’s no more dropping calories or going on starvation type diets. This put an end to insanity of dieting, once and for all. And you have permission to eat again. Not only will you lose bodyfat, you will experience a new level of energy, stamina , endurance, and motivation. In shorts, you will finally gets the results you’ve been waiting for — without dieting !

We have been dupped by diet gurus into self-imposed starvation . we have tried fasting, liquid diet, lexative abused- even stomach stapling and intestinal bypasses. But all of these, no matter how dramatic, are just extreme forms of that mainstay of American dieting, cutting calories. this has gone far enough. it’s painful, it’s health destroying and it doesn’t even work.

Eating to lose bodyfat-it sound too good to be true! yet, not only is it true, it is the only way to succesfully lose bodyfat and keep it off. On the Lean Bodies Program, you can and will lose bodyfat by increasing calories — to 1,800, 2,500 ,even 3,600 calories a day-all while you get leaner and fitter than you have ever been in your life . No more regaining all the weight you worked so hard to lose.

Lean Bodies, a unique nutritional program for losing bodyfat by following a nutritious , high calorie food plan. It will dramatically speed up your metabolism and turn your body into a highly efficient fat burner. You will notice the changes almost immediately, and you will get measurable results in just 7 weeks. And after 7 weeks, this program offers you a lifestyle you can maintain and enjoy easily.

But always remember it is 80% Nutrition & 20% Workout.