(2) Welcome to My Journey

I’ve come up with the brilliant idea to publish at least 100 words every day on Medium. And by come up with, I mean stole from someone on Medium (like most of my ideas). Other than gross bodily functions, eating, and sleeping, there are few things I’ve committed to doing every day. I love writing, but I haven’t been treating it as such. Over the past month, I’ve done literally everything there is to do but write. This has made me sad because this was supposed to be the year I finally took writing seriously. I even prematurely put “writer” in my bio because I felt Medium famous once I hit a few double digit recommended posts. But for the past month, I have been anything but a writer and little piece of my soul dies with each word I don’t write. (Holy crap! I’m already at 100 words! Also, that last sentence was dramatic AF!)

I have no idea who will read this if anyone. I don’t plan to post on social media or in a publication (well the one publication that gives me love: extranewsfeed — love you David Smooke!) unless I say something bad-ass and/or prolific — so not often. And I’ve realized that has been my biggest stumbling block — I’m a perfectionist who thinks that unless I can think of something bad-ass or prolific, I shouldn’t even begin to write. I barely write anything because I let my fear of failure override my desire to get better.

But I ain’t trying to be about that life no’ mo’, because, baby I’mma do right. (Shout out to 3LW!). Instead, I want to start writing and not giving a flying f*ck about what people think. No, scratch that — FUCK about what people think (really hope my mom doesn’t read this). Why? Simple, I want to get better at this. I can’t imagine I’d be a worse writer in a year from now if I wrote something every day — even if my words are nothing more than glorified Facebook posts on Medium that no one reads.

So what would you get if you followed my writing journey? I have no idea. I’m far from being one of those awesome, entrepreneurial types who gets up before the last episodes of Fresh Prince airs on Nick at Nite and then eats 6 eggs, runs a few zip codes, spends time with a sick relative, starts a cult and then writes a book before Sports Center. I doubt I’ll have amazing insights on how to live your best life. All I really want to do is get better at transferring what is in my mind on to paper. I want to be a better writing. I want to see how far I can go. I’m sharing with you (totally realize I could be talking to no one) because hopefully I can inspire you to create, too. Maybe writing isn’t even your thing. But hopefully my consistency can show you that you can get better at whatever it is you want to get better at. In the process it would also make me happy if some of my words made you laugh or cry or think.

So, here’s to my journey and maybe yours. Welcome.

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