Ain’t Nobody Got Time

Day 72

To just be writing stuff all the time, yet I do. Why? Not sure but I said I would so I must.

Integrity and all that.

Who needs it? Probably all of us. But who has it? Probably a few of us. Too few of us.

I’m just trying to be in the small percentage. I’m just trying to write what I said I would.

100 words before I lay my head to rest. Every night.

No excuses. No bullshit.

Just my words. These are just my thoughts ladies and gentlemen. Ride with me. C’mon. For those who don’t know, Shawn Corey Carter taught me that.

This is straight off the top like Shawn Corey Carter. That’s Hov for those who don’t know.

That’s Jay-Z for the extra lame.

This is straight because I want to go to bed.

This is nonsense.

This is my sense.

Here’s my two cents: if you say you’re gonna do it — the 100 words that is — you gotta do it.


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