Netflix’s ‘Friends From College’ Is More Like “Friends From Hell”
Ezinne Ukoha

Ezinne Ukoha, you somehow (again) articulated every thought (I couldn’t) in my head after watching the first five minutes of this privileged televised orgy. I felt more racist, classist and narcissistic just looking at it. I couldn’t stomach it after the “testicle grabbing” scene — which was offensively forced and the only real intent seemed to be to rub elitist and carefree behavior in our faces. Unless you’re an attractive, thin, white (or a tokenized minority who passionately believes they’re white), well-off, highly-educated urbanite (very small percentage of the population), this show is not even remotely close to your reality. But even among the white privilege fantasy shows (think Friends and How I Met Your Mother), there was — like you said — zero chemistry among the cast and crappy writing. This show was a lose-lose.

I was also particularly disappointed in Keegan-Michael Key for taking this role. He’s been accused of being nothing more than an white urban liberal elitist who just happens to be half-black (i.e. not real black). I know this is just a role, but even agreeing to take on something so ridiculously and comically — for lack of a better term — white — says a lot about him.