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I finally listened to Lil Yacthy and he’s absolute garbage. To defend this nonsense and act like it is some prolific love letter to the teenage experience is offensive to teenagers, love, letters and experiences. This not just some rant from an old-head (Jesus, I’m only 28), but an objective assessment of shit. This has nothing to do with hip-hop. I know what shit smells like and looks like. I had to febreeze my headphones after giving it a listen on Spotify. Did I listen to the whole thing? No. But do you stay in a public bathroom that smells like someone else’s shit any longer than you have to? I’m assuming the authors of this post are at least in their 20s. Micah, I normally enjoy your writing and you have a cool haircut but you crazy for this one, B. Defending this album seems like a pathetic attempt to seem relevant to anyone too young to remember 9/11. You don’t have to. No one should care that much about what 17 year olds think unless they’re fucking 17. In general, teenagers are idiots with nothing insightful to say. Lil Yacthy embodies this and speaks for the masses. Save your prolific writing for teenagers that actually break through the noise and offer something truly unique and innovative. Nas wrote Illmatic at 19. I repeat, Nas wrote Illmatic at 19.And Micah, you know this maaaaaaaannnn. Therefore, there is no excuse for fawning over this Tom fuckery.