Is There a Song Better Than ‘I’m the One’?

Day 67

Not this summer.

The song is an absolute banger and is sure to be on rotation at cookouts, pool parties, birthday parties and any other summer-related celebrations. It’s getting embarrassing at this point, but it’s a fact: I like Justin Beiber — the singer. There is a lot to hate about the person — but it’s becoming harder and harder to hate the musician. His 2015 Purpose album opened me up to the idea that his musical talent should be celebrated — even if nothing else should. It doesn’t even bother me that not only is he appropriating black culture, but now, with his new blonde hairdo, white t-shirt and arms full of tattoos, he’s appropriating a white rapper (Eminem) who appropriated black culture. It’s like I’m in the racist Matrix. Thanks, Justin. You’re not annoying at all.

Then we’ve got Migos — a rap group whom I could have sworn was just one person until very recently. This hip hop trio from Atlanta owns the summer and my Summer Jams Spotify playlist. I first fell in love with them on Calvin Harris’ undeniable spring time hit “Slide” with Frank Ocean. Sure, they all sound like they have fidget spinners in their mouths — but what rapper/singer birthed in the past year or so doesn’t? Besides, they all somehow sound like they’re using auto-tune when they’re not and that’s cool.

Of course, Chance the Rapper kills his verse. There is literally nothing Chance can’t do right now. He’s not only murdering the rap game — he’s doing so without a record deal and winning humanitarian awards at the tender age of 24. Most 24 year olds just hope to not be too hungover right now. But if that’s not enough — he blesses us with lines like this:

When I met her in the club I asked her who she felt
Then she went and put that booty on that Gucci belt

Thanks, Chance.

And then finally, Lil Wayne has a verse. Every time Lil Wayne raps now, I’m just happy to know he’s not dead. Seriously, good for him.

Oh and we can’t forget that all this was made possible by the most important and blessed person on this earth — DJ Khaled’s son:

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