Laugh Er’ Day

Day 70

Laughing is good for the soul, mind and body. If you know someone who can reduce you to tears through laughter, you’re fortunate. Very fortunate.

Laughing is the best medicine. Always.

Laugh off the seriousness of life. Laugh off pain and anxiety. Find something funny in the circumstance — there is always humor if you look close enough.

Laughter brings people together.

Laughter unearths truth.

Laughter promotes compassion.

Laughter is empathy.

Laughter is seeing someone and allowing yourself to be seen.

Laughter is love.

Laughter is reconciliation.

Laughter is pride.

Laughter is ugly.

Laughter doesn’t care.

Laughter heals.

Laughter forgets.

Laughter reminds.

Laughter forgives.

Laughter thinks.

Then laughter feels


It always feels good.

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