R. Kelly Has Been a Creep

Day 76

I hope no one is going to act like the recent revelation of R. Kelly’s devious (evil) deeds is a revelation at all. The only revelation is how messed up the criminal justice system is when it comes to defending women against sexual abuse. But it shouldn’t be surprising in this incredibly patriarchal society. The same society that was founded on rape — a lot of rape. We’ve normalized and internalized abusing women so much that is has crept into our “justice” system. R. Kelly was found not guilty in 2008 for his child pornography charges (taping himself having sex with a minor). Anyone with a modicum of sense knows he did it. But our justice system’s failure to convict him is just proof that the system is broken. Until we get real about protecting women and convict the system, men like R. Kelly (read as men in general) will be allowed to harm women with little to no repercussions.