Trans People Still Serve

Day 88

First of all it’s not a ban — it’s a tweet. The U.S. Military will continue to accommodate transgendered service members until there is something more official than a tweet from a petulant orange bean bag chair.

Guess what?

The Military is not imploding — we still have the strongest military in the world.

We still spend way too much on weapons and killing people.

We still don’t invest enough in education.

We’re still too cruel to figure out free health care.

We’re still killing each other more than any modernized western nation.

We still don’t care.

We still have the most guns.

We still will do anything to protect brutal police officers.

We will still bail out bankers before we bail out single mothers.

We still are okay with rape and its culture.

We still don’t care about locking up poor people.

We still love white supremacy.

We still love patriarchy.

We’re still homophobic.

Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job.

Ben Roethlisberger still does.

We still think we’re colorblind.

We’re still wrong.

Despite trans people serving in the Military, America is still running like clockwork.