comparing high-quality service of mersal-movie’s five-rupees & zoho’s one-dollar-per-day

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From: Manoj Than <> Date: Sat, Oct 21, 2017 at 5:34 PM Subject: For world-peace -sustainability WPS- comparing mersal-movie’s five-rupees high-quality service & zoho’s high-quality one-dollar-per-day service To: pr <>

dear zoho

This week mersal-2017 movie, has created big influence, even rahul-gandhi tweeted about it today, The main idea of that movie is “five-rupees high-quality healthcare service”

Our immediate thinking is that, Can we make & give such low-cost high-quality system (operating-system) for running sustainability of world-peace( & also universal-peace/rights sustainability UPS/URS)

As zoho recently offered one-dollar-per-day( for global-users) & “1,000 rupees per month per user”(for indian-users) full operating-system, so it can be compared

ideally, all freedoms must be free forever for all, this we call as “4Fs or FFFFs”, as inspired by very famous four-freedoms-ideas by american-president FDR on 1941-jan-4 in his state of the union speech (SOTU),

( based on his united-nations was founded in 1940s, but becaz of weapons/lethals in world now, the running of world-peace is becoming costly, even leaders of united-nations spoke about that recently


“Abrupt Funding Cuts Can Undermine Longer-Term Efforts at United Nations Reform, Secretary-General Cautions, Thanking Host Country for Financial Support”

Overall, we must find easier way immediately for sake of global-children & other innocents’s future to run world-peace, without dependency on money, thats ideal way, becaz depending on money for world-peace is insulting the great-idea of world-peace itself

Overall, we are asking support from zoho for world-peace, based on great-promise already given by zoho to enable fun journey of life on 2006-sep-6

Earlier this year, zoho ceo said in video interview to


“Facebook economics, where $2 a month they’re able to serve users profitably”- zoho ceo

Whether we serve world-peace profitably or not, we must serve it, if we want to protect world for future generations, for we are indebted to them, thats the economics model of world-peace-business

Overall, our conclusion is that, zoho’s one-dollar-per-day pricing comes close to united-nations’s economic model of serving world-peace, for which the entire-world is hungering

This month, was given nobel-peace prize which was founded only in 2007, the year i joined zoho; but zoho itself founded in 1997/1996, now 20-yrs almost completed, its time to rethink ourself how well we achieved the world-peace-sustainability WPS, & plz lets learn from past & make best efforts for long-time success of WPS, with better economics model !!!

sorry for lengthly email; Freedoms as free forever for all in world/universe is the main-message !

Thanks !

- Manoj

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