introducing UC — united constituencies, inspired by united nations

Here is our proposed newest project/startup to be born on march-20, international day of happiness, UC united constituencies, inspired by united nations, UC can also be called as united-countries

We have so many parameters/metrics to measure success, but do we have metric to measure universal-happiness of all living-beings in universe, hence this UC to be born on happiness-day march-20

united-nations has 193+ nations, and UC primarily follows green-lantern-2011-film’s idea of total 3,600 constituencies across entire-universe, We will consider all good-ideas of United-nations of 21st-century, and United-nations of long-history since birth of universe!

This week, said, current american-govt wants to cut some funding for UN, but world-peace must be maintained without any interruption, so UC is born as alternative to UN to teach UN how to run itself for world-peace without expecting funding from anyone (

We welcome feedback, suggestions, participation from all citizens of universe, in our team-effort for world-peace or universal-peace!!

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