Nature gives earth, the free monetisation, Lets use it better for universal good sustainability UGS

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From: Manoj Than <>

Date: Sat, Nov 25, 2017 at 12:52 AM

Subject: If zoho can do organic growth without external-funding, then plz lets do that better for universal-good-sustainability UGS

To: pr <>, svembu <>,

dear zoho,

Last week on 2017nov14, when forbes awarded “Conscious Capitalist” award to zoho, the award-presenter at stage said


zoho wins forbes “Conscious Capitalist” award 2017nov14

-”from chennai to california, zohocorp is developing software as service, with no external funding and pure organic growth”

- host

If funding means only money from human-investors in earth, then she is right;

But funding is generic-term & in general, funding is capital-help, in that view, earth receiving sunlight from outside earth itself is external-funding for earth, as sunlight from mother-nature is huge-capital/funding

Overall, our request to zoho is to, lets universal-good-sustainability UGS for maximising it

The recent, ballers Tv Series, is about “monetising-friendships”

our mother-nature or godparent-nature is our one-true-big-friend, it gives free monetisation of home/air/water/food/etc,

our earthlings are failing to monetise it properly & created climate-change problem & now the earth on way towards extinction/destruction, if we don’t properly fund it better, our home earth will soon be dead, so lets do better funding, lets sustainably save the world/universe


Together, lets serve the unserved, voice for voiceless, help the helpless, etc

- Manoj than

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