statement on PeopleINT’s 6year completion- PeopleINT value depends on worldpeace

PeopleINT is one of great initiative born on national-friendship-day in year 2010, After six-years of completion, its time to judge the real-value of PeopleINT

Not just peopleINT, value of any startup/initiatives depends on how well it makes long-time world-peace

For six-years, peopleint never tried to make revenue-model for itself, becaz its highest-value depends on world-peace, but not revenue

PeopleINT now became a subsidiary of UN, becaz peopleINT meaning Initiatives to improve people’s lives, but UN meaning Universally improve lives, UN includes all animals, birds, etc in its name, whereas peopleINT means only humans in earth,

PeopleINT in earth will work, only if universe cooperates with it, so peopleINT is merged with UN, although both’s mission is better-universe for all !

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