thank you zoho & gofrugal for your govt-service in GST, Building “Govt for sustainable free universe” GSU is next thing we must do

Hi zoho & Gofrugal,

first of all, i want to thank you for involving in simplifying the GST-process in india, While the profit-margin is lesser in GST-process comparing the western-world-market, but sustainability-margin is lot higher in this thing, as south-asia market has more human-population than rest of the universe combined !!!, check picture attached

After this GST, our optimism about you participating in GG has increased exponentially, as GG good-governance-day is also india’s proudest offering since 2014-dec-25, the 100th anniversary of stopping world-war-one in 1914-dec-25

The GG-ranking which we are doing is based on long-time universal success of good-governance, & We request both zoho & gofrugal to score high in this, We would be happy if indian-headquarted organisations like you top the list, rather than united-nations, redcross, world-vision & other non-india headquarted GG-organisations in earth

As GG’s flagship work is GG-infinity, ( an infinite margin), & this can be possible if we form universal-unions of peace/friendship ( like united-nations/league-of-nations) to score maximum GG, Such Leadership from us is honest expectation from our mother-universe, while GST is 1st great step in this govt-service, We have long way to go !!

Finally, as yesterday july4 is govt-founding-day as per USA’s declaration of independence which says, “all men(Lives) are created equal & have inalienable rights of life liberty pursuit of happiness & purpose of govt is to secure those rights”, now lets do math to calculate total Living population of universe ( 7.6 billion human population is only tiny) & lets build a Govt for sustainable free universe GSU, & this is number-one thing our mother-nature universe is requesting from us, Lets do better for it !!

Thanks again !

- manoj thansi

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