vembu-brothers are still my favorite next generation of business leaders

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Date: Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 5:23 PM

Subject: vembu-brothers are still my favorite next generation of business leaders

To: Shailesh Davey <>, Mani Vembu ideas <>, Rajkumar balasubramanian zoho <>, Shiv Sivanandham Srinivasan ideas <>, SV Sridhar Vembu <>, kumar <>

hi zoho/gofrugal-leaders,

In 2013, sridhar vembu was my answer for a question in quora, “Who will be the next generation of business leaders after Steve Jobs, Bill Gates”

At that time, elon-musk was number-one choice for many for same-question, but now after international’s peace-day announcement by zuckerberg on curing diseases of world, zuckerberg has overtaken elon-musk —

but still, vembu-brothers is my favorite, becaz numberically, zohocorp’s official mission of enabling journey of life for all in world is better than fb’s mission of making world a more open and connected

plz once again, i request zohocorp, to officially publish this mission in our website, currently we say “operating-system of business”, but its computer-term, still more than one-billion humans in world don’t use computers, my living grandparents never use or even touched computers or smartphones, we can’t say to them “operating-system of business”, however, we can say to all, “enabling journey of life is our business”

i m very optimistic, we all work this great idea to make long-time success, i will keep u updated on this

- m

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