We are eager to work with all, to permanently solve sufferings & pains in world

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From: manoj thansi <manoj-thansi-1@universalpeace.in>
Date: Wed, Apr 5, 2017 at 9:27 PM
Subject: @kumar vembu sir - We are eager to work with you, to sustainably/permanently solve sufferings/pains in world-market
To: kumar vembu ideas <kumar@gofrugal.com>
hi kumar sir,

It was really great meeting you yesterday,

you are our biggest hope for better universe from chennai

i thank you for giving me opportunity to work with you in marketing-dept ,

As infosys narayan murthy told in economic-times video (link below), marketing & innovation are top-two rules for making better universe ( his autobiography name itself is "better india, better world"), so i m happy to work with you in marketing

After having wonderful life in our velachery-office between 2007-2010, i experienced rest of the real-universe/world since 2010, i saw painful-reality of world-market, where honesty/decency/friendship are getting beaten by money, weapons, WMDs, fraud, etc, Example, Ongoing syrian-civil-war-since-2011; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Civil_War

Hence in order to restore the faith in honesty/decency/etc in market, we have been trying to do our part, particularly with UN, but some in world have lost faith in UN, after new american-presidency's cost-cutting-measures at UN, but we cannot let cutting honesty/decency/etc in world-market, thats why we recently reorganised as GG, the name interconnects all our partner institutions/individuals across world, even gofrugal, GG also means Gofrugal-globe/governance/goodness/etc ( also zoho, becaz zoho-constitution 2006-sep-6 says good-purpose, good-life for all, hence GG)

GG can also be called govt-of-governments, a team of individuals/institutions, similar setup like united-nations, league-of-nations, & many other non-profits in world like redcross, who won nobel-prizes in past, etc

forbes.com does ranking for top-2000 institutions & top-200 billionaries in world, but true real ranking must done by honesty/decency/helping-others/compassion/etc & all other good-values, which can be taught to our children, Such ranking we propose doing for making fair/decent world for all.

100-yrs ago, in 1910s, after world-war-one, With all these good-ideas, american-president proposed league-of-nations for world-peace, but american-congress/parliament rejected that that time, which later had bad-effects resulting in hiroshima-nagasaki-nuke-bombing in 1945, World cannot afford any more bombing, particularly now in nuclear-age, so sir, we must work very hard to prevent disasters

all i m saying this, becaz, today's great engineers like you have best possibility for making peace in world/india/universe, thats why i have come to you, becaz you are greatest engineer i have personally meet, the end goal of all engineering is better universe for all

Overall, in one-liner, world-peace needs you, becaz world is suffering now becaz of low-quality-engineering-products/services, (one big failure in engineering in recent time is impact chelyabinsk-meteor-2013-feb-15, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelyabinsk_meteor)

Sir, you may say, "my business is 90% in india, how can we do world-peace"; my reply is, lets make india fit for world-peace, make-in-india, as said by prime-minister; In 1940s, america made itself fit for world-peace, so it started united-nations, so india & other colonial-regions got freedom, if america had not intervened for world-peace, then think about indian-history without freedom, think about british ruling entire world with guns, rather than with goodness;

overall, we must try to be flagbearer of all good-values in world, & now you are our best-possible-human-living-candidate,, plz dont think this as exaggeration, all i m saying this becaz in past we all missed to serve the most-needy in market the painful/sufferers in market, zoho crossed 25-million-users, forbes calls sridhar vembu as net-worth as 1.1-billion-dollars in 2017q1, but both UN & zoho failed to prevent syrian-war-suffering since 2011, the most needy in world; so overall, We must give 1st priority in serving most-needy, rich-customers are secondary, Overall, you can disagree with me, becaz i m rich-customer, but plz i beg you, lets serve the most-needy in world, i will give u list of top-2000 most-needy in world, similar to forbes-top-2000 in world, i m sure it will make your job very easy!

We must also understand, its difficult for all humans, to be honest/decent forever, but we can surely build some institution that automatically works for honesty/decency forever, our ancestors built millions of temples/churches in that view, so our job is easy now, just copy-past our good-ancestors ; i dream gofrugal to be such great-institution/temple, cholas built tanjore-big-temple to sustain universal-peace for 1,000yrs, As you are chola-descentant, you are surely do this Sir better than anyone, i personally want gofrugal to be number-one institution in my list of top-2000 institutions in world working for "goodness-sustainability-in-universe", May god be with us to choose better way !

i will daily-update you sir !



Narayana Murthy on "Innovation" : Economic Times - The Power of Ideas

Uploaded on 29 Jun 2010

- manoj thansi !
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