Tapasvi Chaitanya Guruji(Manoyog)

Shri Tapasvi Chaitanya Guruji (http://www.manoyog.org/)was born in Andhra Pradesh. After completing university education Guruji got selected for government job. However free nature of Guruji lead him to start own business instead of continuing Government job. Guruji earned a lot of fame and profit out of business. However a sense of emptiness prevails in thoughts of Guruji even though there was abundance of corporeal pleasure. This sense of emptiness and yearning for completeness lead him to renounce all worldly associations and a journey of self realization. Today Guruji is sharing his valuable knowledge and experience with the world that he has acquired after soul searching for 25 years. Camps are being organized to share knowledge of honorable Guruji. Along with India these camps are being organized in foreign countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hongkong. Millions of people have been benefited from these camps. These camps lead people to the path of spiritual awakening and ensured mental and physical well being.