AHCA passage guarantees Democrats nothing in 2018. Get a grip.

Earlier today, House Republicans passed the mind-numbingly cruel American Health Care Act (AHCA). If signed into law, this legislation will cost millions of Americans their insurance coverage and cut $880 billion from Medicaid — a crucial program that provides healthcare for low-income families and, among many other things, covers the births of half the babies born in the United States.

All across the lefty Internet, many progressives seem to be taking this defeat as a moment to be celebrated. Countless Twitter users are high-fiving over the prospect of a massive Democratic landslide in 2018 as the result of several “moderate” Republicans being forced to take tough votes in order to get the AHCA through the House. Hell, even a few Congressional Democrats got in on the action with this cute little moment on the House floor:

If you’re finding yourself in the “Republicans will lose 2018 in a landslide!” camp right about now, I have a simple follow-up question: what planet have you been living on for the past two years?

Liberals spiking the football and writing triumphant “AHCA means they’re SURE to lose in 2018 now!” posts are bumbling into the same trap we fell into when we were SURE Hillary was bound to win the moment Republicans made Donald Trump their presidential nominee.

We’ve seen this movie before. If there’s one lesson that progressives should have learned from the utter debacle that was the 2016 election, it’s that absolutely nothing is inevitable. There will not be a Democratic landslide in 2018 unless millions of progressives work their asses off to make it happen. End of story.

Republicans passing atrocious legislation does not mean we win.

Democrats being right on the issues does not mean we win.

Your Republican Congressman taking a bad vote does not mean we win.

Being better at elections than Republicans means we win — everything else is bullshit.

Now I know what some of you are probably thinking: “Mansur you handsome idiot, surely people will come to our side when they lose their healthcare!”

Don’t bet on it.

Here’s how Donald Trump and the GOP will spin it when people start losing their coverage and dying: “This is the Democrats fault, because Obamacare.” That’s it. One simple message with no nuance or frills. The entire conservative media echo chamber and an unfathomably vast network of big money groups with hundreds of millions of dollars of ad buys will back them up.

It will work. Millions of people will believe them.

If you find yourself scrolling on past a “next stop 2018!” status and clicking “like,” you sure as shit better be working your ass off to elect Democrats from the state legislature on up. In fact, you sure as shit better know exactly what the partisan balance of your state legislature is, because getting our asses whooped in “unsexy” state legislature races is what allowed Republicans to gerrymander their way to a House that could pass the AHCA in the first place.

That means getting off social media and raising money, knocking doors, making calls, and working for campaigns. If you’re not already involved with an organization like Indivisible, Swing Left, or Flippable, get the hell in there.

Donald fucking Trump is president of the United States. All bets are off, nothing is guaranteed, and people’s lives literally depend on us not making the same mistakes over and over again. Let’s not.