The Magic Words for Getting More Customer Referrals

By Kitty French, Manta Contributor

For contractors, customer referrals are the reward for a job well-done. Learn how to make it happen with this simple request.

Ready to make the most of the busy contracting season when spring hits? Head into each job prepared to make clients happy — and plan to leave with a positive referral!

“Referrals are the reward for a job well done,” said Darren Slaughter. His digital agency focuses entirely on marketing for contractors.

When contractors ask how to get referrals, Slaughter recommends they strike up a conversation during the final walk-through of a project. That’s when satisfied clients will be their happiest.

Not sure how to make the ask? Slaughter provides his contracting clients with this script:

I’m happy you’re satisfied. Our business survives on referrals and testimonials from satisfied clients. If you happen to know of someone thinking about a project like yours, I’d be happy to talk about their options. In the meantime, if possible, could I trouble you to fill out this review card?

Your company should prepare postcards with space for a customer’s testimonial (and contact info) on one side, and your return address on the other (with postage paid).

While referrals are a very important source of business for contractors, Slaughter cautions contractors not to rely solely on referrals for leads and new clients.

“(Referrals) are only part of the marketing mix a contractor should deploy,” he said. Slaughter recommends every contractor have a website supported by strong social media and digital marketing.

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