Why You Need to Respond to All Google Reviews — Good and Bad

By Kitty French, Manta Content Editor — November 21, 2016

Letting your company’s online reviews go unanswered can hurt your reputation. Here are the best practices in responding to good and bad reviews of your business.

Your Google My Business profile makes it easy to monitor and manage all Google customer reviews of your business. But it’s not enough just to watch the feedback roll in — it’s important to respond. Here’s how!

Responding to good reviews:

  • Be sure to respond to good reviews. Respond to all of your customer reviews through your Google My Business profile, recommends John Nesler, lead writer and researcher for Post Modern Marketing.
  • Don’t just say thanks! “Write a detailed, thoughtful response in which you address the person by their first name, thank them for being a customer and writing the review, and adding any salient points about your interaction with the customer that you think might put you in a good light,” said Nesler.

Responding to bad reviews:

  • Respond to all your bad reviews, too. “Never leave a bad review unanswered,” said Nesler. “It’s easy to do more harm than good if you aren’t careful in your response.”
  • Be calm and courteous. Don’t write a response when you’re frustrated and angry.
  • Don’t debate customers, especially in public. Get the interaction away from prying eyes. Lead off with a courteous, “I’m very sorry that you had an unsatisfactory experience with our business.” Then provide contact details so they can resolve the matter with you directly. Once the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, ask them if they’d be willing to pull or amend their review to reflect the resolution.

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