The Best Bicep Exercise From The Master

Larry Scott Curls, also known as the Preacher Curl — the best exercise for bicep growth and development.

Let me explain my reasoning for this… I am a bodybuilder and I like to perfect my craft- like any student or an apprentice would go to a master to learn, I went to learn from the bicep master — Larry Scott. He was the first and 2nd victor of all Mr. Olympia titles after him and he has invented a few creative exercises for body building.

This is Larry Scott -

The curl could be performed in different grips, but I highly suggest trying the curl below

Elbows in, hands at a wider grip.

Try this exercise in precise form, master it, make it the main exercise for you bicep development and grow big biceps.

Here is Serge Nubret performing a different style of preacher curls

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