When you start seeking answers and gaining enlightenment in your life, a lot of the things that were common sense to you suddenly become questionable. You start questioning the concepts you thought were true and seeking for alternatives.

Human emotion is common these days. Multi-billion dollar industries are built on manipulating, calling and shifting human emotions. The entire stock market is based on manipulating the emotions of investors and banks are pretty good at it.

Human emotions have been manipulated for centuries, causing people fear, anxiety, stress and making them conform even more. Our world these days is built on the foundation of negative emotions and keeping people in control. However, there is much more to learn from emotions, rather than how you feel.

When creating your own reality and manifesting abundance in your life, you need to take the importance of emotions into account.

What Is An Emotion?

E-motion = Emotion

Emotions are energy vibrations and our emotions shift our attention to things we attract in our everyday lives. Just like anything in the world, emotions exist in two polarities:

  • Positive
  • Negative

Love and Fear

These are the two emotions that are the most important and mostly encountered in our everyday lives. In between, there are many emotions corresponding whether to a positive or a negative pole.

Emotions attached to love are such as joy, bliss, empowerment, happiness, security, trust, hope, etc.

Emotions attached to fear are such as greed, anger, hate, envy, resentment, anxiety, frustration, bitterness, disappointment, ignorance, etc.

A lot of people try to remove the negative emotions from their lives and focus only on the positives, but suppressing one pole, will not empower the other one, that’s not how the law works. The true strength comes from acknowledgement of the two: positive and negative emotions, accepting them and shifting your attention onto one you wish to amplify.

If you feel bitterness, hate, jealousy or disappointment, don’t feel bad about yourself. Emotions, both good and bad represent the vibrations that are cultivating in your body and with the power of thought, you can always shift them. If you focus on the negative emotion, you will feed it with your life force and empower it.

Many of us never come to an understanding what big of an impact emotions have on our behaviours, words and thoughts. When emotions are uncontrolled, they can impact the way we perceive the world, treat others and ourselves. When emotions are under control, we can observe them and allow ourselves to shift them where we intend to.

Emotional Progress

Just like your body and mind progresses, so should your emotions. Childhood is very important for an emotional growth because a child acquires most of the perceptions of emotion and follows it into the adultery. That’s why you can see a lot of adults behaving like children, mainly because they never allowed themselves to grow out of their child-like emotions and embrace progress.

A child in an adult’s body is not uncommon these days, the reason for that can mainly be lack of exposure to life problems and not getting acquainted to the emotions in between love and fear.

In order to allow emotional progress take place, you need to dip your toes into the water and experience them at some point in your life. Understanding how those emotions feel and how they impact your life, will give you a better understanding.

Become Aware

When we are experiencing emotions, we are not conscious about them majority of the time. All the negative emotions we experience unconsciously start piling up in our subconscious mind and end up creeping out during different times in our lives.

When we are constantly expressing anger, hate, ignorance, anxiety and bitterness, we start perceiving the world that way. Other people, and environment becomes a reflection of our emotions. We start complaining and playing a victim. It leads us nowhere but downhill. Eventually we become sick and the cycle repeats again, pushing us even lower.

In order to change your life, you need to start becoming aware of your emotions. Just imagine how your life would be if you were always happy, joyful and content? Perhaps some of you would blame the circumstances in your life that do not allow you to feel that way. Why not? It’s a state of mind. The way you treat your circumstances will reflect on how you perceive the world. Sometimes, your worst day in your life can be the most clarifying day, giving you a wake up call.

The reason why you experience both love and fear is because you allow yourself to step into these emotions. You open the gateway for these emotions to flow and soon they change the vibrations in your own body.

Don’t let your negative emotions getting in a way of what you’re doing. Every emotion has a function and they make your brain respond to it. Understanding emotions will help with self-awareness and will help you to improve the quality of your life.

Control Your Emotions

Sometimes emotions can be too hard to handle and might put you out of balance. Control over your emotions is essential in order to control the outcome of them. You are not your emotions and you need to understand that. This is simply the energy that cultivates in your body and you’re always in control of it. However, when it becomes hard to control them, you can try these tips:

  • Breathing. When you experience anger, fear and other negative emotions, it might increase your heart rate and also the pace of your breathing. In order to calm down the negative emotions, slow down your breathing and start taking deep breaths, allowing the oxygen to reach every cell in your body, especially your brain.
  • Exercise. Taking out anger and anxiety can help during an exercise. Exercise increases your metabolism and triggers the neurons in your brain, to process the information quicker. Going out for a walk, yoga, physical exercise or running can help you to distract yourself from the negative emotions.
  • Affirm positivity. If you’re feeling disappointed and frustrated, say affirmations to yourself such as “I am powerful”, “I can do this”, “This is only temporary”. Affirmations will help you to cultivate a positive state of mind.
  • Meditate. Most answers come from stillness and meditation can help you to distract yourself from negative emotions and help you to shift focus towards positivity.

There are many different ways of how you can control your emotions and these are just a few suggestions. Becoming aware of your emotions and understanding the impact they have on you, will empower you.

You hear a lot of people say “That is just me, I can’t change myself”. These are the words of ignorance and it enables the emotions to take over one’s body. If you allow emotions taking control over yourself, you lose the sense of the real you. When you sleep, you feel no emotions, but you are still you. When emotions take over, recognise them and shift your attention away from them.

Confronting emotions with same negative emotions will only fuel the fire. Confronting anger with anger is never a solution. Instead, focus on positive. It’s easy to be angry at someone who is angry at you, however being calm and controlled is where the true power is. The power of control.

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