no need to love your product

When talking about Lean Startup and being an kick-ass entrepreneur you will hear that sentence a lot of times: “Love your product”.

Building a product that you love and people want is not that easy. It is about doing good research, having empathy when it comes to discover needs, timing in terms of “is the market ready yet or am I maybe to early” and many other factors.

Don`t you love it? Great!!!

To get all that factors right, besides luck, it takes a lot of experience. But is there any better way to gain experience while building products? no there isn`t. So here is my advise to a younger (but still the same good looking) me: Go out there and create things that nobody wants.

Here is why:

  1. a product you are not in love with makes it easier to let go
  2. a product you are not in love with lets you focus on the real numbers without faking them to “look good”
  3. a product you are not in love with forces you to dive deeper into markets you probably you don`t know too much about
  4. a product you are not in love with allows you to focus on the real MVP features since you are not blinded by the full solution
  5. a product you are not in love with can still be a winner

Just to clarify: of course I do believe in total determination and focused execution to create products. And for sure I belive you have to love what you do. But every marathon starts with one single step.

Take your time. Learn. Keep up the hard work.

It will pay off.