Edeyo Smile Program Promotes Good Dental Health

Manuel Maximino oversees Latin American credit markets and macro hedges, and projects budgets as the managing director and head of Latin America derivatives and fixed-income trading at Deutsche Bank. Dedicated to helping others, Manuel Maximino supports several organizations, including the Edeyo Foundation.

An independent New York-based organization, the Edeyo Foundation seeks to improve the future of children living in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. To this end, the organization provides free education and social and nutritional support to the community through such programs as Edeyo Smile. Focused on ensuring children in Haiti maintain healthy teeth, the Edeyo Smile program provides free dental screenings every year. It also promotes annual physical check-ups to ensure children stay in good health overall.

Edeyo Smile is made possible thanks to the Edeyo Foundation’s partnership with Faculté d’Odontologie from the Université d’États d’Haïti and dental students. These dental professionals work under the supervision of dentists from Canada and the United States as well as Haiti, and often continue treating these children outside of the program. Through Edeyo Smile, the Foundation hopes to identify and treat dental disease early while also teaching local kids about the importance of preventing dental decay.

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