Day Two: Letting it Flow

Today is my second day here. As expected, I lack the words to come up with a coherent story that may interest you, the reader. I have been trying, for the past five minutes, to find a suitable topic to write about, to come up with a catchy starting sentence but I kept going back, thinking to myself: this is terribly uncreative, almost unintelligent, I wouldn’t even read this myself had I been on the other side. But heck, I have to write whatever it is that comes along. I have to let my thoughts find its own channel, I have to make a river of it, or, at least, let it form its own stream, river heck, ever a rapid. By whatever means possible, I have to let the words form and flow even if it is making little sense. I know that over time, doing this will leave me exposed, almost naked. It will leave me vulnerable but heck, it also will help me keep writing, and thinking, and hoping.

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