Trump’s Racist Attacks on “Inner Cities”

25 looks at Trump’s dangerous demonization of urban blacks

1. There #Trump goes again. Demonizing “inner city” blacks. Today we take 25 looks at Trump’s dangerously racist attacks on urban blacks.

Sierra Thomas yells “Black Lives Matter” at an infamous Trump campaign rally.

2. We aren’t the only ones to note how #Trump links black people with “the inner city” crime.

3. #Trump’s demonization reached a head when he chastised Congressman John Lewis’ jurisdiction as crime-riddled.

4. Who can forget #Trump’s threat to Chicago’s mayor to take federal control of the city to combat its crime rate?

5. Even on the campaign trail, #Trump sensationalized America’s inner cities as violent black crime havens.

6. Don’t be fooled by a few blacks cosigning #Trump’s inner city fantasies. Trump’s courted black clout for years.

7. Even one of #Trump’s former champions, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, has come to condemn him for pathologizing blacks.

8. In the rush to build a wall & repeal the ACA, #Trump has forgotten his falsely promised “new deal” for blacks.

9. If we dig deep, we find that #Trump’s career is based on charges of racist inner city housing practices.

10. The New York Times exposed #Trump’s father’s allegedly brutal, systemic housing discrimination against low-income inner city blacks.

11. #Trump was born into wealth, coddled, chauffeured & groomed to follow his father’s model of alleged well-documented racist practices.

12. & Get this: When #Trump’s father Fred C. Trump ran for mayor in 1969, he released nasty racist TV ads like this.

13. Fred #Trump’s race-baiting TV ad epitomizes the privileged white rich world within which #Trump was groomed.

14. At the time that #Trump father’s groomed him in the allegedly bigoted housing business, “black ghettos” were viewed as national threats.

15. In 1973, the Justice Department launched the U.S. v. Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump & Trump Management, Inc.

16. The NYT described how the #Trump Corp. allegedly violated the Fair Housing Act of 1968 at 39 buildings, refusing to rent to blacks.

17. Speaking a queer truth, at the 2011 #Trump roast, Snoop Dogg joked that #Trump’s presidency would “not be the 1st time he pushed a black family out of their home.”

18. The ’73 Justice Dept. case was settled. But it exposed #Trump’s race-baiting of black “welfare” recipients.

19. #Trump’s mockery of “welfare” in ’73 was strange. Trump himself admitted that rent-control made his family rich.

20. The Observer notes that the #Trump family had long made homes for Jewish Brooklynites. But black renters were a problem.

21. Despite the ’75 settlement of the lawsuit against #Trump, TIME Magazine said the case signaled larger problems.

22. #Trump’s “inner city” talk distorts black American life & black poverty. Most low-income blacks are rural.

23. The black poverty rate in urban areas is only 26%. & whites, mostly, receive the bulk of public assistance.


24. #Trump’s racist attacks on “inner cities” are Un-American. His talk of black-on-black crime ignores facts.

25. Keep combating #Trump’s distortions. Keep protesting. Keep calling your congressional and state representations. Speak truth to lies!

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