Are Calcutta HC & Bangladesh too BJP Block Presidents, Mamata-Di?

Mamata Banerjee is a smart political operator. Not for nothing could she bring the Communists down in Bengal. Knowing that the latest bout of radical Islamic violence in West Bengal would make the news, she has shifted focus to the Governor of West Bengal by creating a controversy. She said he was acting “like a BJP Block President”

Some seemingly pliant media houses did exactly as she wanted them to. Typically enough, the focus of some is now not on the radical Islamic violence itself but on the issue between Mamata and the Governor. Needless to say, the tone is obviously slanted against him.

The perceptive Ashok Malik pointed this out too.

The state of West Bengal has been on the boil with repeated violence often perpetrated by radical Islamic elements, with the State Government looking the other way. Any sane observer would be alarmed, let alone a Governor of the state who holds a Constitutional post that he has to stay accountable towards.

However, Mamata Didi thinks the Governor is speaking like a BJP Block President.

Fine. Let us look at something else.

Exhibit A:

“There has been a clear endeavour on the part of the state government to pamper and appease the minority section of the public at the cost of the majority section without there being any plausible justification. The reason therefore is, however, not far to seek”

Exhibit B:

“The administration has failed to take note of the fact that Moharram is also not the most important festival of people having faith in Islam… To put it curtly, the state government has been irresponsibly brazen in its conduct of being partial to one community, thereby infringing upon the fundamental rights of people worshipping Maa Durga.”

The above two quotes are from an Indian Express report. These are not utterances from a BJP Block President or a BJP Spokesperson. These are utterances of the Calcutta High Court.

An authority no less than the Calcutta HC has slammed Mamata’s government for their brazenly communal attitude against Hindus in a case where her government sought to set arbitrary time limits on immersion processions for the murtis of something almost synonymous with Bengal — Durga. This time limit was set by the Mamata government so as to appease the Muslim community by clearing the route for Moharram processions to be held the next day.

Is the Calcutta High Court too a BJP Block President, Mamata Didi?

There is a long list of occasions where the Mamata government has either actively engaged radical Islamic elements, taken decisions that clearly aim at sectarian appeasement or looked the other way even as rioters unleashed their ire on other people, police or public property.

No Durga Puja for Hindus

For years now, Mamata’s government has been denying permission to 300 Hindu families of a village in the state’s Birbhum district to organise a Durga Puja because 25 Muslim families would be offended.

Quoting from an India Today report from September 2016:

“It’s been the fourth consecutive year when 300-odd households in a village in West Bengal’s Birbhum district are running from pillar to post seeking permission from the district administration just to organise a Durga puja in their village.
In the past three years, they were denied a go-ahead by the local administration following objections by a few Muslim families in the village.
In the past three years, the local administration, panchayat and Nalhati police jointly prevented puja organisers from hosting the puja on the grounds of law and order issues.
“On Friday too, we went to the SP and DM’s office to submit our second appeal. But there was no positive development,” said Chandan Sau of Kanglapahari Durga Mandir Committee.”

The admonition by the Calcutta HC over Mamata Government being brazenly communal is no one-off.

Harbouring people with possible terror links

Mamata Banerjee’s Rajya Sabha MP Ahmed Hassan Imran allegedly masterminded communal violence — he is reported to have been involved in instigating youths and sending them to the troubled area with bombs and other fire arms.

No it wasn’t a BJP Block President who said this. It was reportedly a 2-page intelligence report by the District Intelligence Bureau that said this. Let us look at what an India Today report says:

“…an exclusive document revealed startling facts about TMC’s Rajya Sabha member Ahmed Hassan Imran and his alleged connection with communal violence that took place in South 24 Parganas district in February last year.
A confidential document revealed that Ahmed Hassan Imran was the mastermind behind the communal conflict at Naliakhali village where an unruly mob set afire over 100 huts and ransacked several households.
The two-page report by the then district intelligence bureau (DIB) sent a detailed note to the district police superintendent (case no: 84 dtd 19.02.2013 u/s 394/302/307/153A IPC and 25/27 Arm Act).
It clearly mentioned that Imran was involved in instigating youths and sending them to the troubled area with bombs and other fire arms.”

If communal violence was not enough, Mamata’s Rajya Sabha MP is alleged to have much more colourful connections in the same India Today report:

“Sources said Imran is a “front man” for Jamate-Islami, Bangladesh (JIB) and one of the founder members of the banned students’ outfit SIMI. The note said that he was “a member of Students Islamic Organisation””

This can be seen in consonance with an alarm raised by Union Minister Upendra Kushwaha. Per this report in Economic Times, he had said:

“ “The Bangladesh government has submitted a ‘worrying’ report to the Home Ministry about Trinamool Congress’ Rajya Sabha MP Ahmed Hassan Imran,” Kushwaha said.”

Essentially, Mamata Banerjee sent to the Rajya Sabha someone of whom even Bangladesh is said to be wary.

Perhaps even Bangladesh is a BJP Block President, what do you say Mamata Didi?

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