Restorative Yoga for Addiction Treatment

Yoga has become a more popular technique practiced for different purposes: losing weight, calming down the mind, relaxing the body and even treating diseases and illnesses. However, many people hear about yoga and think it is a very difficult sport that requires good athletic skills. That’s the reason why they don’t even dare to try yoga. The perfect solution for such people is restorative yoga, which is completely different from traditional yoga.

What is restorative yoga?

Restorative yoga is a technique that presumes slowing down and opening the body through passive stretching. This type of yoga doesn’t need much physical effort and includes only five or six poses. These poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends.

Restorative yoga uses props that allow people to completely relax and rest. Practicing restorative yoga poses helps your muscles relax deeply and that is because the props you use support your body, not your muscles. This is why restorative yoga proves to be very helpful for the treatment of any addiction. During the recovery process, it helps to relieve the addict’s stress during cravings and thus contributes to relapse prevention.

Restorative yoga sessions

A restorative yoga session aims to assure a deep relaxation of your body. Don’t worry about the props, the teacher usually arranges the necessary ones for you. Usually, the sessions take place in a very quiet, and relaxing atmosphere. There may be dimmed lights and soft music playing. The room is often aired, so if you feel it’s chilly for you, put some clothes on you because the exercises won’t make you warm up. In some poses, the teacher may even cocoon you in blankets for extra warmth and coziness.

Generally, one session includes four or five poses. In most of the cases, the period of time to hold one pose varies between ten and twenty minutes. It’s quite a long period of time to stay still in one pose even, if you are supported. While holding in one pose you will feel the stretching for sure, which will probably keep you awake.


Restorative Yoga for Addiction Treatment