Cleaning up Lagos with @cMapIT (first phase)

Lagos drainage situation

Video by Tina Armstrong-Ogbonna

“As far as we are aware there are no major wastewater treatment facilities in Lagos”

The project
The @cMapIT team is on the first phase of mapping Lagos sanitation (project) using @cMapIT (as a tool) with a focus on blocked drainage network in Ikeja and Shomolu Local government areas of Lagos state. This project has a timeline of one year, but the time frame can be reduced by 4 months with access to more resources (personnel, funds).

Role of cMapIT as a tool
@cMapIT as the data gathering tool enhanced continuous monitoring of pollution (with a focus on blocked drainage points) by providing real-time transmission of the collected geo-tagged datasets to a central database for the technicians to validate and analyse (possibly in real time too). The datasets are also available for reporting to the public in a spreadsheet (as available above) and as digital data for automated analytics (API).

Using @cMapIT as a tool gave mappers (working on this project) all the flexibility required to gather as much geo-tagged information as possible in order to be able to understand the issues via maps and by studying the datasets from the spreadsheet. The datasets are available here.

All datasets were collected via a mobile all, and there is no Limit to the information users intend to add. Interact with our datasets on the map below.

The datasets gathered via cMapIT’s project will be open access to concerned citizens that plan to design solutions that will help solve this infrastructure crisis in Lagos state.