Here goes nothing…

So we are launching an app, in case you did know already. We are well under way, working on getting some designs finalized, our LLC filed, and ultimately our app built. This is going to be a process, but we are going to learn a lot (and hopefully build something really cool).

To do this we are going to have to raise a lot of money, about $50,000 — $100,000. That seems like a monstrous amount of money, but unfortunately that’s just the beginning. This is just what it’s going to take to get our MVP built and market it to our target market across the country. After that a whole number of things can happen.

The fun is just starting though, as we are well on our way to locking down meetings with potential investors. We have some great mentors and guidance from a wide range of experienced people. We are working hard to make our vision a reality, and moving closer to our goals every day.


The Map My Fun Team