By: Marena Brinkhurst

By making flood risk data freely available for all with, the non-profit First Street Foundation is equipping individuals and communities across the United States to better understand and prepare for flooding and a changing environment.

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Revealing under-reported flood risks in San Francisco

Flooding is the most expensive type of natural disaster in the United States, costing over $1 trillion in inflation-adjusted dollars since 1980. While institutional real estate investors and insurers have had access to detailed property flood risk data for years, the majority of Americans have relied on Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maps. …

By: Alex Yule

With just weeks remaining to election day, Texas Governor Abbott reduced the number of ballot drop boxes across the state to one per county. The change reduces ballot drop-off locations from 12 to 1 in Harris County, which includes Houston and is the third-most populous county in the US with over 4.7 million people. Advocates for voting rights are now suing the state because the latest changes in Texas disenfranchise voters who already faced barriers to voting by forcing them to travel farther to vote. …

By Mikel Maron

Mapbox is honored to be at the World Bank Annual Meetings to mark the importance of sharing data to solve tough problems (watch here). Through the Development Data Partnership, we’ve collaborated with economic development experts to improve access to health care during the pandemic in Senegal and Indonesia, prioritize infrastructure investments for the tourism sector in Sri Lanka, and determine the vulnerability of populations under COVID-19 lockdown across India. Inspired by these partnerships, we have released Mapbox Movement data from January to August 2020 covering the USA, Germany, and UK, and India. …

Admin 0 polygons with updated disputed boundaries and 4 different worldviews, made with MTS

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By: Arun Ganesh

The collection of high resolution administrative level-0 country polygons in Mapbox Boundaries is now available to all designers and developers using the new version of Studio, for free. The individual country polygons include updates to major disputed areas and support of four different worldviews, making it easy to create accurate country level choropleths or style individual countries.

Covid Controls is using the new boundaries in Studio to visualize how countries are responding in real time to the pandemic. From lock down status, to tourist restrictions, to case rates, the team at the travel planning site Escape designed these maps so travelers have access to the latest data — which is dynamically joined to the boundary polygons letting the data layers continuously update as official restrictions or essential services change in each country. …

By: Christine Moloney

Epic Games is integrating Mapbox into its Unreal Engine as part of their HMI initiative to enable the next generation of infotainment and digital cockpit user experience — here’s a sneak peek.

The move to offer Unreal in an HMI-specific package brings the award-winning design features of the Unreal Engine to automotive, starting with GMC’s Hummer EV. These features enable developers to iterate on their vision faster and include version control, visual scripting via Blueprints, and direct access to the C++ codebase. …

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By: Kieran Gupta

Mapbox Movement is a living data set generated from 30+ billion daily location updates and drawn from an underlying data panel of over 700 million monthly active users of Mapbox-powered apps worldwide. This data set captures significant mobile device activity aggregated into geographic tiles of 100-meter resolution (approximately one city block) and various Mapbox boundaries. Use cases include retail analysis and site selection, disaster rapid response, POI busy hour tracking, and transportation planning. Movement Data is now available in public beta to all Mapbox developers.

Movement data offers several key advantages: unprecedented global coverage and consistency, privacy-forward assurances, and a robust QA process that ensures high quality data for use in your applications. …

By: Antonio Zugaldia

Our latest Navigation SDK (v1.0 Android + iOS) ships with an enhanced location engine to better guide drivers in dense urban environments with poor GPS signal and through complex maneuvers that traditionally make guidance confusing — such as sharp turns, narrow exits, and adjacent parallel roads. This new location engine continually filters and processes GPS signals and even extrapolates a driver’s current location when GPS signals are unavailable using dead reckoning algorithms, to avoid navigation interruptions. It provides high position accuracy, with low latency, so that the driver’s location on the map stays in sync with the vehicle’s actual location. …

Cost-effective scaling with distributed and parallelized processing

By: Young Hahn

Mapbox Tiling Service (MTS) allows the processing of massive sets of data into custom vector tilesets, continuously updating the maps as the data changes. MTS is now available in public beta to all Mapbox developers as a service for uploading source data with transformation rules called recipes.

Tilesets generated using MTS can then be styled in Studio and composited with any other vector tilesets.

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Whether mapping 5G coverage, determining the effectiveness of an ad campaign per zip code, analyzing new user signups per country, or visualizing local events in a social app, or tracking the spread of COVID, MTS is a service that integrates custom datasets of any scale into maps faster, cheaper, and with more flexibility and control than previously possible. …

By Ken Steif, Ph.D; Director, Master of Urban Spatial Analytics; University of Pennsylvania.

The Mapboxapi lets developers leverage navigation services including Directions, Isochrone, Matrix, and Optimization APIs for routing analyses into R. The package supports multiple Mapbox APIs, including the navigation services, to create analytical solutions that solve cutting-edge, real-time transportation, and logistics problems.

Dr. Kyle Walker, Associate Professor of Geography and Director of the Center for Urban Studies at the Texas Christian University, is a leading developer of #rspatial tools and a prolific creator of maps and data visualizations.

By: Joshua Jiang

Many people are shopping from home during the pandemic, and a top online shopping site in Southeast Asia, Lazada, recently held their 9.9 Big Brand Sale.

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Lazada’s Big Brand Sale is the equivalent of the US Black Friday but for Southeast Asia, offering the best deals on its biggest brands in the country. Also, users can follow the progress of selected shipped packages on a live map in real-time.

Lazada uses Mapbox maps SDK and Directions API to build new features that allow you to track your deliveries on the map. Users of Lazada have a great demand for real-time delivery routing during the period of Big Brand Sales, with more than 2.5 …



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