— Written by a solo backpacker, bohemian tech nerd and community strategist.

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This photo was taken at Afrikaburn, 2018 because it turns out that I don’t many photos during Burn.

To My Fellow Life-Chasers, Adventure-Seekers, and Dusty Humans,

It’s been a few weeks post-Burn. Here’s to going back to regular poop schedules, normal-ish sleep patterns, and a diet that doesn’t consist of trail mix, beef sticks, or dried fruit. Most importantly, here’s to us taking that colorful, compassionate, anything-is-possible Burner spirit back to our daily lives.

We all know that the journey post-Burn in and of itself is another trip. (Pun not intended). As an avid backpacker, I liken it to post-travel blues. It’s like going on an epic journey, experiencing a completely different way of…

Most people who know me well will find it funny that I write any sort of how-to guide implying pragmatism in the title. I tend to travel on one-way tickets, my stories will inevitably involve meeting a stranger on the road (and subsequently visiting his city/town/village), and most friends will know me better to ask me where I am, rather than how I’m doing.

But what most people may not consider is that I am the firstborn daughter of immigrant parents. And as a subject of responsible, first-child syndrome and Tiger parenting, my daydreams are indeed grounded by reality and…

Jenn L

Bohemian Tech Nerd | Location Independent | Conscious Traveler | Founder of Map&Move | Formerly at WeWork, Nintendo and MakerBot Industries

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