Sister Cities: Brest, France and Denver, Colorado
French Embassy U.S.

Congratulations to the citizens of Brest and Denver for their long lasting relationship that began as Europe was struggling to overcome the horrors of war. Today your children can come together during educational exchanges, both in person and by virtual internet links.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has just released its a survey of 16 countries — PEOPLE ON WAR —highlighting a disconnect between public opinion and the policies and actions of States and armed groups. [ ]

In addition, on December 7th in Washington, DC, The Asia Foundation, in partnership with the U.S. Institute of Peace, will present the findings of the 2016 Survey of the Afghan People, which will highlight youth issues, migration, citizens’ awareness of legal resources, reconciliation with the Taliban, landmines, and access to social media on mobile phones.

Considering the time, sweat and blood that both France and the US have put into stabilizing Afghanistan militarally, and the fact that tens of thousands of Afghan children have access to education, and are interested in building their society for peaceful development.

Might it be possible to devote joint efforts of the students of Brest and Denver to building links with the students of Afghanistan?

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