Make or break: 4 reasons why countries should not dismiss domestic tourism
World Travel & Tourism Council

Great post! Tourism development is an avenue that Sister Cities collaborations are putting efforts forward to better establish links between global sister cities related to economic development cooperation.

It would be great to have WT&T and Sister Cities International collaborating to help achieve successful Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) outcomes over the next 14 years.

I will note several countries and regions that I have spent time in that certainly could use WT&T support: 1) Central and South Asia along the new Silk Roads which include deserts, high mountains and history; 2) former Yugoslavian states which have incredible natural parks and out-door areas that might be developed; 3) Taiwan which already has an incredible infrastructure for travel and tourism that reflect regional differences; and 4) Mozambique with its incredible almost 2,000 miles of coastline.