GIS Software has to be Hard to Use
James Fee

My actual working stack include Postgres/PostGis that serves data to ArcGis, Qgis, and Tableau (guess what transitions takes time…). I keep on repeating what my mentor always said, it’s not about the tools, it’s all about the data and the process.

Tableau is magical for someone who know how to use it, but as with every tool it can become a UI nightmare when you get to advanced stuff. For me the hearth of the system still lie in the Database, because you can always do pretty mad magical things down there with SQL and share the result across all the clients applications you want (even with the “yet to come amazing app” that will one day supersede Tableau).

What I fear more is specialized and complicated tools emerging as WebApp based on fancy JS framework. I can’t really think of a processing task you can’t achieve with PostGis (and before crying out loud about PostgreSQL scalability, people should have a look at OpenStreetMap main instance configuration).

So I don’t really fear for my job, but I reckon that being a button pusher is just not enough for that job.

Being a data-wizard is awesome, being a tool-wizard is just… being a tool...

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