A look at some of the year’s highs and lows — and what comes next.

Massive waves of grassroots energy. The evolution of hard-hitting organizing tactics. Extreme highs and some frustrating lows — these have all been trademarks of the years-long campaign for net neutrality. This past year was no different, and in many ways 2019 was emblematic of the energetic ebb and flow that has defined the broader battle for an open internet.

Net neutrality — the concept that monopolistic internet providers cannot block, throttle or relegate traffic to online slow lanes — has long been a foundational issue for Demand Progress and our two million members. Years into this campaign — and in the midst of ever-shrinking micro-news cycles — it’s clear the righteous anger animating this issue will endure. …

Mark Stanley is director of communications and operations for Demand Progress.

SEE PHOTOS BELOW. As members of Congress head home for August recess and shift focus to the midterms, they should remember scenes last week of activists across the country demanding support for the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to restore net neutrality.

The actions were held in locations as geographically diverse as Anchorage, Alaska, and Newnan, Georgia. Despite differences in region and population, each event had one thing in common: Constituents delivered an unequivocal message to lawmakers that they want them to support the CRA resolution, which is Congress’s only viable means to to restore net neutrality protections this year. …

Earlier this week, President Trump officially tapped Ajit Pai to head the Federal Communications Commission. As an FCC commissioner, Pai has been one of the staunchest opponents of net neutrality in Washington, and his appointment as chair portends a sustained effort to roll back protections ensuring an open internet

Nearly two years ago, with Pai opposing, the FCC approved strong net neutrality rules on a 3–2 vote. This marked the culmination of a grassroots effort the likes of which the country has rarely seen. In the months prior, nearly four million people mobilized, calling for strong net neutrality protections, and the FCC delivered by implementing rules that would prevent internet providers from relegating content to online slow lanes. …

Mark Stanley

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