My Summer 2015

School is out. It’s May and spring has freshly “sprung”. I am feeling drained and slightly depressed of my unsuccessful semester. I failed a class that taught me so much about myself. What kind of designer I am and what I aspire to be. This summer I had goals of working on my portfolio. None of that happened. I did however eat more salads, contemplate on going back or graduating with just settling for a BA and not going for what made me get into the Graphic Design program at Georgia State in the first place (I was for sure I didn’t get in because I had accidentally omitted a very important part of the portfolio entry). Over this summer I realized I wasn’t living up to my full potential. I did do some graphics work. I started my own business (nothing to big to brag about), and I found several new found interest such as blogging here on Medium, and watching tutorials on SkillShare. I also watch James Victore, a New York based graphic designer, who gives wonderful, amazing advice that really makes a lot of my problems seem not so bad. I worked at my current job as a printer at a print shop. The list can go on.

Over all I had a pretty decent summer. School is now in and for labor day I had to get to a beach, ASAP. Pensacola here I come. Although it was rainy, it stayed sunny long enough for me to have the pleasures of feeling the soft white sand between my toes, the graininess was pleasant, something I wish I could feel everyday for the rest of my life. I have major plans after graduation to leave the country and get my feet into some more sand, appreciate other cultures other than my own, and maybe by a vacation house!

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