You Must Be This Tall to Ride This Ride

These past two years have been the Goliath of all of life’s roller coasters. I have gained weight, lost it, and gained it back. I have moved living spaces, and most importantly I found myself. My journey through Georgia State’s Graphic Design program has not only taught me to problem solve for design concepts, it has really taught me that everyone is not perfect, that everyone must follow their own path, and go at their own pace. Now I know there are many cliches that I just said, but it is only the truth that I speak. I have seen these known statements of life on posters, mugs, and t-shirts, granted I definitely know now they are real, or at least real to me.

I can’t tell someone else how to ride the roller coasters that life puts them on, I can only tell them my experience when from when I rode that same or similar roller coaster (situation). Going through lack of sleep to get the job done, or not saving a file the night before a project is due, or just down-right, good ol’ procrastination are just a few of my situations that I found myself in during these last two years. On a deeper level I found myself in a conscious and unnecessary competition with my classmate unknowingly to them. I always felt like they were better than me or that I could never amount to the work they created. I felt like I was always last. This ride I hated. I want to cry every time I felt like I failed or didn’t do good enough. I wanted to quit.

We are here now I am at the end of this ride, DAMMIT I made it. The end is the most bumpiest of all gathering lost files from my computer, gathering misplaced project (even after moving things got lost). I am still putting together stuff and sitting writing this blog just to clear my head at 12:15am. I can’t wait for May 6, 2016 to make its debut. This will be the end of this ride. The pain and body aches, catching the flu, and sharing a living space with someone who has the flu. This has been one hell of a ride, I made the height requirements. Now let’s see what the next ride has to offer.