My Darkest Days

Originally posted on DA. (Link below)

I have come to face my darkest days, and I know not where to stand.
One path leads towards greatness, with power in my hands.
Yet it is rocky, treacherous; one wrong step and I am doomed to fall.
However, the other path is solid, no twists and turns in sight.
This path I have usually taken; this path I wish to fight.
No matter which path I choose, I will surely be backed against a wall.

Oh, wicked fate! Why must I choose? Cannot I have both?
Why must I just choose one like swearing a solemn oath?
The power, the adventure, all exciting things in life,
Cannot I combine them with a sure road, and lose all subsequent strife?

The split is coming ever closer, and I find my feet falter more and more.
I feel the terror inside me, toiling and boiling, building to a roar.
I want to stop, I need more time! I shout to no avail.
Time is marching ever onward, always hidden within the veil.

I have come to face my darkest days, a choice I stand to regret.
I must choose between greatness and solidity, a decision I will never forget.
No matter what I choose, I know it will only end in sorrow.
The sun sets, and a choice must I make.
Why do I feel like I’ve already made a mistake?
I step forward, my path chosen, knowing that I can only look forward to tomorrow.

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