My Mind

Inside my mind

There’s a wonderful place

Full of music and laughter

And all I see is your face

You whisk me around

From side to side

Sliding across the dance floor

Like it’s an amusement park ride

You lift me up

And spin me around

But when your foot slips

We both fall to the ground

We laugh and laugh

It’s all in good fun

You grab my hand

And tell me to run

We take off through the crowd

Our faces frozen with grins

People glare at us as we pass

Like we’ve committed mortal sins

But that’s okay

I don’t mind

They don’t know me,

You, or our kind

We’re wild spirits

Light and free

Running and jumping

Full of energy

There’s only one problem

It’s quite easy to find

I wish this was all true

But it only exists in my mind

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