Look at me
As still as a mouse
Silent as the grave
If not for my pulse
Racing beneath my skin
Would you know
If I were alive?

But look closer
And watch my fingers shake
Hear my breath rattle
My pulse is slow
Sluggish in my veins
Don’t you see
That I’m barely alive?

A look in my mind
Reveals chaos galore!
Earthquakes and volcanoes,
All bellowing to a roar!
Rivers of thoughts race by,
Too quick of a moment to catch!
But they all mean one thing:
I wish I were dead.

Can you see me tremble?
The imperceptible twitch of my skin?
Can’t you see how hard it is
To keep all the chaos in?
Because I know
What will happen
If I fail in the slightest.
Those rivers of thoughts
Will turn into plans…

Do you want me to die?

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